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Inhouse Printing Services

Discover the convenience and efficiency of Orange Print Pte Ltd’s comprehensive inhouse printing services, tailored specifically for educational institutions in Singapore.

Streamlined Printing Solutions

At Orange Print, we understand the unique printing needs of schools, which is why we offer streamlined printing solutions designed to enhance workflow efficiency and convenience. Our inhouse printing services bring cutting-edge printing infrastructure directly to your school premises, eliminating the need for external vendors and ensuring prompt access to high-quality printing services.

Key Features:

On-Site Deployment: Our experienced team deploys state-of-the-art printing equipment and print management systems directly within your school, seamlessly integrating with your existing operations.

Dedicated Account Management: Each school partnering with Orange Print is assigned a dedicated account manager, providing personalized attention and prompt assistance for all printing requirements.

Efficient Print Workflow: Teachers can conveniently submit printing orders through our user-friendly platform, ensuring timely delivery of printed materials with minimal hassle.

Email Printing Services: Simplify print submissions with our email printing services, allowing teachers to submit print requests via email from any device connected to the school’s network.

Confidentiality Measures: We prioritize the confidentiality of all documents entrusted to us, implementing strict security measures to safeguard sensitive information, especially during exam periods.

Customized Billing and Reporting: Orange Print provides detailed billing statements and yearly volume compilations, enabling schools to track printing expenses and plan budgets effectively.

Responsive Maintenance and Support: Our proactive maintenance approach ensures uninterrupted printing services, with prompt technical support available to address any issues promptly.